Dynamic Fitness


I was an Art Director and Lead Design on this one.

I got a lot of Creative Direction from Josh Wills & Steve Hurd, and help from studiomate Josh Wills who strengthened the system with secondary elements and studiomate William Johnston who led the charge on painting that giant garage door. This was a fun one.

This was all at the design studio Consume & Create, in Denver.

My largest contributions were designing the wordmark & supporting design system.


Take the neighborhood culture of old boxing gyms and update the layered, papered walls outside of them. Keep the cleanliness of a full service fitness center, but with that old wordmark that’s been there for 50 years.

Don’t be afraid of your history. Things change. So can you.

No diamondplate here. We traded hyper-aggression for self accountability,
exclusivity for neighborhood pride.

It’s the kinda like when Rocky was out in the woods while Drago was in that super high-tech space gym.  Rocky won, Remember?

We painted the twenty-foot-tall garage door one particularly hot September day. Josh’s graffiti skills came in handy.

“Live like you trained for it” means using fitness to enrich each day of your life. Sometimes that means playing longer with your kids, helping your friends move, and sometimes it means not needing a second set of hands to carry the keg into the party.

Life isn’t static. you shouldn’t be either.
Be Dynamic.