Stapleton Dental

Role: Lead Designer       CD: Josh Wills & Steve Hurd       With: William Johnston        Studio: Consume & Create


Create an refreshing brand for Stapleton Dental as they moved offices into Denver’s new Stanley Marketplace.


Ironically inspired by the wonder and service of early candy & ice cream shops, l  crafted a nostalgic and approachable brand that maintained the necessary trustworthiness for a healthcare service.


Stapleton Dental is a premier dental service, bringing a sense of craft and personality to their trade. The brand needed to feel capable but friendly—believe it or not, some people don’t enjoy visiting the dentist.

I began by researching 1950s advertisments & pop culture, as well as early ice cream machinery badges.

A hand-lettered logotype pushes the mark to feel bespoke, and the off-kilter badge winks to an automotive and industrial era.


To temper the system, I built a dental iconset inspired by the golden age of neon and in-era drive-ins.

Illustrating ‘friendly dental tools’ was a memorable challenge: about as challenging as installing vinyl of the icons on the office ceiling.


For wayfinding I crafted a punny set of color-coded posters, each injecting a sense of good natured “mom and dad” humour to the space.