The Family Jones

Role: Art Director & Systems Designer       CD: Josh Wills & Steve Hurd       With: William Johnston        Studio: Consume & Create


Create an irreverant and disruptive brand for a new distillery, The Family Jones.

I worked within a team of three to develop the The Family Jones Brand; contributing designers are cited on relevant imagery.

My largest contributions were developing the design language, creating the type system and establishing the tone and messaging throughout.


The Family Jones is a well cultured group of free thinkers, unafraid to go against the grain or buck the norm.

Developing a brand that spoke on the eccentricity and irreverence of the “weird uncle” while still maintaining the “family values” of mom and dad led us to a unconventional yet balanced design system with a contrarian tone.

Logotype by William Johnston

Each 24-page photo album menu at The Family Jones differs wildly from the menu beside it. In each album are photos of time long past, young families, (my) dad in his underwear ironing, and old road trip photos from the seventies. You never know what you’re gonna get.

The albums have been so memorable that they were as one of “The Most Stunning Restaurant Menus on the Front Range” by Denver Magazine 5280. 

To temper the sophistication of the space, It felt only right to embrace a cheeky, utilitarian type system. 

Juxtaposing a playfully pragmatic messaging platform with sophisticated menu items leaves patrons with refreshing suprises throughout the way, creating a memorable and shareable experience.
To invite friends and family to the preview night, we screen printed 100 invites on recycled copies of The Denver Post.

By ‘we’ I mean I did.  It took forever.
But what’s more reminiscent of the family table than getting the paper?